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COVID-19 Method Statement


This Method Statement, and the associated Risk Assessment, has been developed in conjunction with guidance from Cricket Scotland. Updates to be made in conjunction with ongoing advice from the Scottish Government and Cricket Scotland, and to be reviewed weekly. Current Cricket Scotland guidance has been circulated to all players and is also available at


Pre-game or practice:

  • People showing symptoms are not permitted to use the facility

  • In the event local area positive cases rise continuously over a 5 day period a decision to close will be made, unless National Guidance provides alternative allowances.

  • Car sharing with non-family members to be avoided where ever possible. If necessary for away games when public transport is not viable, it is permissible under Cricket Scotland guidelines but should be done with caution.

  • Anybody using the practice facilities must be booked in using the online booking system or have name recorded by coach/captain/official leading the practice

  • All players are advised to bring own hand sanitiser, snacks and drinks.

  • Toilets will be disinfected prior to games and junior practices; toilets not available for adult practices

  • The open spaces available to access the playing and practicing area renders designated access and exit points unnecessary but players are reminded to maintain social distancing at all times


During game or practice

  • Players are reminded to maintain appropriate social distancing at all times

  • A first aid kit is available on site

  • Spectators are not encouraged

  • Clubhouse and changing rooms are closed

  • Users of toilet are provided with wipes to wipe down taps and light switches after use

  • Hand sanitiser will be made available

  • All senior players will provide own equipment for games and practices

  • Senior players can borrow equipment from the club for the duration of the season – no sharing permitted

  • Senior players will be responsible for disinfecting their own equipment before, during and after games

  • Disinfectant spray and paper towels available for cleaning equipment as required. Used paper towels should be retained by the user or disposed of in the dedicated bins provided which will be emptied by club officials at the end of the game/practice

  • During matches, as per Cricket Scotland requirements, the match ball will be disinfected and players will disinfect hands after every 10 overs

  • No saliva or sweat to be applied to the ball at any time

  • Junior equipment will be disinfected by coaches before and after each session and before any transfer from one player to another

  • Access to the equipment store is restricted to club officials

  • Any game equipment such as stumps, scoreboard, etc. will be disinfected prior to use


Post-game or practice

  • Players are requested to maintain social distancing when leaving the facilities

  • Captains retain list of players for each game to facilitate Track and Trace if necessary

  • If a player shows COVID symptoms following a game or practice please, self-isolate, get tested immediately and inform the team captain/coach/club official

  • Please also inform the appropriate team captain/coach/club official of the outcome of the test


Prepared by John Amis & Nick Murden, 6th May, 2021.

Visit our COIVD-19 page for full guidance and Cricket Scotland's Return to Cricket guidance for Level 3 and Level 3 Fixtures